4 Times Square, Distributed Antenna System

6 Week Challenge DAS Project

  • 52 Floor High Rise
  • 3 Lower levels
  • 710 Antenna
  • 70K’ ½” Coaxial Cable
  • 400 Strands Single Mode Fiber


Convert this high profile building in the middle of Times Square from a no cell service venue to a network of antennas to boost mobile broadband coverage and provide full service from the sub cellars to the roof for the tenants.


The aggressive 6 week schedule which typically would require minimally 6 months to complete a project of this size and scale. This schedule required multiple teams of qualified technicians working on simultaneous floors to meet the timelines. The work had to be done after normal business hours and with a publishing company as a primary tenant, the business hours were typically much longer than normal.

The technology of Distributed Antenna Systems is still a relatively new meaning finding a quality installation company can be a difficult task. As wireless technology continues to become more and more part of our everyday life it is of the most importance to have an installation company that will ensure your everyday life will not be disrupted. With time and location being an issue there couldn’t be any time wasted; there was no room for error.


It is a good thing Telecom is located in the city that never sleeps. To accommodate the restrictions of work hours, Telecom assigned staff to start at 5pm, commonly working 10 hour days. In the short window of time, Telecom assigned a large number of their staff to this project. Everyone was willing to: reverse normal work hours, take on longer shifts, and work well into the morning to get the job done. The coordination and scheduling of this project played a key role in its successful completion. Since the time was so consolidated, the planning and scheduling had to be perfectly laid out by our project managers to efficiently task the large number of employees to complete the project on time.


The impressive result of this project was 700 antennas installed in 6 weeks. The job was done seamlessly in a quarter of the time than a normal DAS project. The numbers speak for themselves but more importantly all the people in the building speak… on their cell phones with full service.

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