Enhanced Stadium Experience In Prudential Center Arena

Achieving Fast Internet Speed for Greater Customer Experience.

Prudential Center Arena
Newark, New Jersey
700,000 Square Feet
186 Antennas & RAUs


Home to the New Jersey Devils and Bruce Springsteen, the Prudential Center Arena was seeking to offer a greater experience to its customers in the form of the reliable high speed cell phone services provided by TE’s state-of-the-art Flexwave distributed antenna system (DAS).  This formidable project required installing the necessary equipment to enable service throughout the 700,000 square foot stadium.


Time: With the Super Bowl and Media Day (at the Arena) fast approaching, the system had to be installed and commissioned by the time fans began to pour into the stadium. During Media Day, thousands of fans filled the stands of the Prudential Arena to watch and participate with media icons from around the world as they interviewed members of the two rival teams. It was absolutely critical to have the job complete in order to have full cellular coverage by that day. There was a total of three months allotted to finish this project and the installation had to work around and accommodate the schedule of a myriad of other events taking place throughout the duration of the project.

Space: Due to the significance of Media Day, there were many types of jobs going on to improve the Center in the three months leading up to the big day. Telecom had to work in the same space as steel workers and electricians as well as the Prudential internal staff. Prudent coordination was KEY in making sure everyone could get their own work without interfering with others’, and to get it done by the deadline.


The primary solution that proved to be pivotal to both the challenges of time and space was getting the right team together; A team Telecom could trust in being able to work under the high amount of pressure that comes with bringing the Big Game to the Big City. This team also had to be one that worked well in a crowded and shared environment. Ten of Telecom’s finest were recruited for this endeavor and dealt with working and communicating closely with the electricians and steel workers, as well as Prudential staff, on site to ensure everyone could do their job to the best of their abilities.


Due to the outstanding teamwork, the DAS job was completed as smoothly as conceivably possible, and just in time for Media Day no less.  Initial reports from the client indicate the system worked great, handling the capacity seamlessly. So whether you were on team Broncos or team Seahawks, I think all sides can agree to be on team Telecom.

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