没有人是完美的,也没有项目会按照计划100%的进行. 以下是搬家时需要考虑的九件事, 扩大或搬迁你的办公室, 保证其中至少有一个对你有重要价值. 

1. 航空公司服务

办公环境中的带宽需求一直很高.  A 专用的 high speed fiber circuit infrastructure has become a necessity for corporate clients. When planning a move it is important to understand what carriers are lit within the building and what SLA’s they will commit to. 向您的建筑管理员索取一份当前建筑许可承运商的名单或 问我们 我们会给你一份可供选择的承运商名单和价格. 

值得注意的: SD-WAN is revolutionizing the way that multi-site companies view their carrier circuits. 

导读: Look before you leap; ask about the available carriers before you begin the move/construction process to avoid long lead times. 

2. 项目管理协调

IT和设施专业人员都很忙! Move and buildout projects take a considerable amount of time and effort to coordinate and manage. With so many moving pieces it is important to work with professional project managers, 无论是内部还是外部都要避免错误, 保持透明度并严格遵守时间表. 如果和你一起工作的承包商物有所值, 他们会有经过认证的项目经理来帮助你.

导读: You have better things to worry about than every little aspect of the construction/move process, 让别人为你把风. We have BICSI Registered Telecommunications Project Managers (RTPM) on staff to assist you. 

3. 结构化布线设计 & 安装美学

随着开放天花板环境的趋势, structured cabling design and craft with special attention to aesthetics have never been more important. The aesthetics of pathways and spaces is an often overlooked item but always one that stands out once the project is complete.  It is important to understand the life cycle of the cabling infrastructure that is designed into your spaces.

外卖: Aesthetics are usually the last thing you think about but the first thing you notice, 在为时已晚之前,确保你考虑到美学.

4. 声衰减 & 声音掩蔽

Open ceilings and benching have created a major problem for IT, Facilities and even HR professionals. 员工分心, 生产力正在下降,敏感信息正在不知不觉地被分享. 几乎每个办公室都需要某种形式的消声. Lencore和Cambridge等公司的主动掩声系统, combined with acoustical paneling can increase productivity by adding an element of white/pink noise to the acoustical environment of the space. Innovations in this technology now allow users to add background music and paging at a minimal cost. This item is often missed on the front end and the cost to retrofit spaces after project completion can be nearly 50% higher!

外卖: You shouldn’t build a bench seating office with open ceilings and glass without installing some form of sound masking.

5. 移动电话服务

The computer in our pocket allows us the capability to communicate in real time across the world. 获取信息的机会从未如此之大. 然而,用户希望他们的手机在任何时候都能完美地运行, 建筑物内的手机服务可能相当不可靠. In-building cellular DAS (distributed antenna systems) and “small cells” can dramatically improve cell signal within buildings. It’s important to understand whether the building that you are moving into either has or has plans to install a DAS. 把这个问题告诉你的房地产经纪人和/或大楼的设施部门.


值得注意的5G即将到来,它将彻底改变速度. 如果有DAS系统,确保将升级到5G.

6. wi - fi功能

Wi-Fi - 6在这里! 802.11ax拿走了一些好东西,让它变得更好, 就像无线基础设施的教父II. 许多十博官方网址公司都在要求全无线局域网架构. As more bandwidth is required from the access points the density and cable requirements will increase. Predictive and active pre- and post-install site surveys and Category 6A cable are a must for companies looking to ride the Wi-Fi wave as it swells into the future.

外卖: One of the easiest things to do to futureproof your wireless infrastructure is to run two category 6A cables to your access points.

7. 音频/视频

合作是关键! Employees in the open space and hotelling environment need to be able to collaborate and innovate. Smaller huddle rooms and conference rooms with interactive audio and video conferencing capabilities are now found in almost every office environment. It is important to understand how your users interact in order to provide a solution that allows them to easily and effectively use the rooms.

值得注意的缩放和团队正在成为会议空间的“新标准”. 重要的是要考虑要实现哪些软件. 


8. 安全 & 访问控制

安全 and access control technology has remained fairly stagnant over the past 20 years but the traditional models are being redesigned by companies like Brivo who are focusing on providing a reliable way for users to unlock doors using app-based technology. Users are recognized via bluetooth or wireless as they walk to the door and they are allowed access. SaaS模式将继续存在. Automatic software upgrades and not having to worry about the system going extinct have driven this trend. 

Multi-site companies are often looking to standardize on one access control platform and many customers standardize on one key or fob to all sites, 加上与建筑系统的集成. Think about how you’d like to provide access; key fobs, 关键的卡片, 生物识别id(指纹, 视网膜扫描仪, 等.)、唯一键码或组合.

值得注意的云视频存储在摄像机系统中的应用越来越普遍. The cost of maintaining and upgrading an on-site NVR can be high but the SaaS model and cloud storage have made these costs much more reliable and manageable. 

外卖: 访问控制 is all about keeping your company and your employees safe and every system has it’s pros and cons, 确保系统是精心设计的,你的信息是充分的. 

9. 数字上限 & 物联网

Cisco’s digital ceiling is the coalescence of all items within a ceiling onto a network to be monitored, 控制和优化. 低压照明, 暖通空调控制, 房间使用情况监控, 无线和蜂窝都是数字天花板的一部分. The internet of Things (物联网) will enable users to control and monitor all of their devices on one platform; and with the recent advancements in AI, 平台将不断学习如何优化自己. 思科的数字天花板是用于商业办公环境的物联网.

Takewaway如果你着眼于公司的大局, 你应该考虑一下数字天花板和物联网. 即使你还没有准备好跳入深渊, 你还是有办法为不可避免的事情做好准备的.

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